Pauline Thompson is a writer, artist, mother, curious cat, mediocre music maker and fellow human on the journey. Pauline writes picture books, poetry, screenplays, to do lists and whatever else inspires her. Her debut picture book, Hooray for DNA! launched in April 2023. Her picture books focus on science topics and are fuelled by a curiosity about the world and universe we live in.

In addition to writing, Pauline makes art and has exhibited her paintings, mixed media works and sculptures in many galleries and shows. She participated in group and solo shows at Gallery One, Sis Boom Bah, Gallery 61, The Lonsdale Gallery, Primo Piano Gallery, The Toronto Outdoor Art Show, The Auditorium Gallery and Nikola Rukaj Gallery. Her art is informed by many masters: Twombly, Basquiat, Kahn, de Kooning, Kandinsky, Brown, Mitchell, Koop, to name a few.